DE4A Multipattern Architecture

DE4A has developed and piloted a multi-pattern architecture for eGovernment interoperability with a focus on digital-by-default procedures for citizens and businesses and the full implementation of the Once-Only Principle. The presentation gives an overview of the different patterns and sketches a target architecture that evolves from the solid basis provided by the OOTS into a broader EU interoperability ecosystem.


Alexander Bielowski
  • Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
  • (MinBZK)/ICTU

Alexander G. Bielowski, MBSC is working at ICTU as Enterprise Business Architect, advising Dutch public administrations in making best use the capabilities provided by Information Technology, with a focus on European project. He started his career as coordinator of the 5th FP Thematic Network E-Culture Net (IST-2001-37491) and remained at the intersection of business and information technology ever since. After working in technology transfer and as business-IT consultant in the utilities sector and for local authorities in Austria, he re-emigrated to the Netherlands to work as Senior Consultant for Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture for the 7th-largest European Software company. In this role, he advised both private and public organisations, reaching from major international banks to Dutch public administrations at both National, Provincial and Local level. As Product Manager in an agile software development environment and lately as Business Architect responsible for the process framework in a large enterprise core system renewal program, he deepened his experience of the practical application of enterprise architecture methods in conjunction with agile development practice. Currently, Alexander works as enterprise architect for the Dutch program for the implementation of European Digital Identity Wallet.