Thank you for attending the DE4A final event!

DE4A is the Member State driven project that has explored alternative solutions in the areas of one-time functionality and efficient eGovernment services in general, with interaction patterns that explore possibilities beyond the SDGR/OOTS IR requirements.

The three pilots fall within the scope of the SDG online procedures: studying abroad, doing business abroad and moving abroad.

On this site you will find the recording of the event and all the presentations, as well as links to the project resources (up in the header: DE4A wiki, deliverables and github repository).

The DE4A project and event speakers would welcome hearing from you! Contact details of the speakers are in the slide decks if you have specific questions about their presentations. For general information, please feel free to contact us via the general e-mail at the end of each presentation.

Event video recording    Presentations


10:00 10:05

  • na_piñuela
    Ana María Piñuela Marcos
    • DE4A Project Coordinator
    • Atos
  • Gérard Soisson
    Gérard Soisson
    • DE4A Co-chair Luxembourg
  • Arvid Welin
    Arvid Welin
    • DE4A Co-chair Sweden
10:05 10:25

10:25 10:45


DE4A Main common components

11:25 12:15

D4EA Pilot demonstrations and lessons learnt:


  • HansVanDerBurght
    Hans van der Burght
    • Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
    • National Office for Identity Data (RvIG)
  • MuhamadTurkanovic2
    Muhamed Turkanović
    • University of Maribor
  • Gérard Soisson
    Gérard Soisson
    • DE4A Co-chair Luxembourg
12:30 Conference closing

Event session