Member States testimonials/success stories

In this time slot, some Member States participants will briefly explain their experience during their participation in DE4A pilots.

Muhamed Turkanović
  • University of Maribor

Muhamed Turkanović, PhD is an Associate Professor at University of Maribor, where he teaches subjects related to data technology and data protection since 2017. He is also the Deputy head of the Institute of informatics at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science, the coordinator of the University Study Programme Informatics and Data Technologies, the Head of Operations at the Digital Innovation Hub at the University of Maribor and the coordinator of the consortium DIGI-SI, one of two Slovene EDIHs. In 2017 he established the research laboratory Blockchain Lab:UM within the Institute of informatics, where he is also the Head of R&D. Furthermore, he is the president of the Blockchain Technical Committee at Slovenian Institute for Standardization, was a member of the Strategic Digitization Council for the Government of Slovenia, the University of Maribor’s coordinator for the several H2020, HORIZON or DIGITAL projects like DE4A, Data4Food2030, DIH-World, Adma Trans, EuroCC2, etc. He has also more than 10 years of industry experience on an international base as a developer, technical development manager, technical director and owner of IT companies, etc.

Hans van der Burght
  • Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
  • National Office for Identity Data (RvIG)

Hans van der Burght studied economic geography at the University of Utrecht and has over 30 years experience in network design and implementation, IT policy development and national and EU-wide eID, authentication and authorization projects. Over the past 15 years he has been involved in several EU LSP’s in this area. Currently he is product owner eIDAS at the National Office for Identity Data.

Gérard Soisson
Gérard Soisson
  • DE4A Co-chair Luxembourg

Is Programme Coordinator at Ministry for Digitalisation and as such involved in most of the groups and matters dealing with eGovernment at EU level, in coordination with the Luxembourg government IT Centre. He has more than 20 years of eGovernment experience working for different Luxembourg Government organisations. Gérard has been responsible for various levels of actions, such as strategic work and standards.