The legal framework for once-only in Europe: where do we go from here?

DE4A has been able to pioneer a multitude of e-government services in the past few years, also from a legal perspective. European legislation – including in relation to the once-only principle and privacy/data protection – has been one of the foundational inputs for DE4A, and as a result the project has learnt a lot about what the law allows and doesn’t allow. What exactly are the foundational legal principles, and how has DE4A implemented them? And perhaps equally important: how could European legislation evolve further in the future to enable even more effective and equitable digital public administration?

Hans Graux
  • Timelex

Hans Graux is an IT lawyer and founding partner at the Brussels based law firm Timelex, which specialises in information and technology law in the broadest sense. Hans has participated in over a hundred international legal and policy studies, primarily for the European Commission and various European agencies, as well as for a broad range of private sector clients. Recent work has focused on data protection, electronic signatures, electronic identity management, and e-government services. He is a member of the ICT Committee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), and the President of the Flemish Supervisory Committee, which supervises data protection compliance in Flemish public administrations. Within DE4A, he leads the legal and ethical compliance activities.