Information Desk: catalogues for interoperability

EU-wide OOP for public services requires EU-wide interoperability in all its dimensions. The interoperability agreements between the DE4A project Member States are consolidated in catalogues that form the Information Desk. The data in the Information Desk enable the functioning of the OOP technical system across borders, administrations and sectors, and are the basis for the common components.

Ana Rosa Guzmán
  • Secretariat-General for Digital Administration (SGAD)
  • Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation

Ana Rosa Guzmán has a Masters in computer and software engineering, information systems and psychology, with more than 20 years designing and building IT systems. Head of the unit for Interoperability and Single Digital Gateway at the subdirectorate-general for the planning and governance of digital administration, with an active participation in the SEMIC initiative and the DE4A semantic group. Responsible of the Center of Technology Transfer and the Center of Semantic Interoperability of the Spanish Government.